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Hello, World! I’m a software developer, architect, and gamer. I enjoy learning and sharing what I’ve discovered.

Before anything more, you should know I believe in the paradox of tolerance. I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe trans women are women, and trans men are men. I believe that love is love. I believe that abortion is a hard enough decision without the government getting involved, and that abortion is a private right. I believe workers rights are civil rights and civil rights are more important than property rights. I do my best to support my fellow neurodivergent people in my life (and at work), and I know I have a lot to learn and try to keep an open mind and constantly do better than yesterday.

My teams tell me that I do things about 10° off from the rest of the industry. I say that if our use-case was the exact same as everyone else’s, we wouldn’t be the ones asked to do it.

I’ve worked in a large number of industries, including game development, advertising, eDiscovery, e-commerce, robotics, and more. Applying old patterns in new ways is exciting, and leads to innovations or surprise flexibility for products and teams I work with.

I believe that software engineering itself is a craft that we, as developers, are still learning. It’s too new of an industry for anyone to have learned the right way to solve even the tasks they’re familiar with, let alone all of the problems that could be encountered. I try to remember this as I work with other developers, as everyone has to learn the “common knowledge” at some point. Learning is an exciting thing, whether you’re the one doing the learning or merely being the catalyst. Understanding how computers work and the study of the patterns that arise in development can be treated as a science, and it is beneficial to do so, but most companies approach it more like hiring expert and apprentice craftsmen. As a result, the impostor syndrome is inherent with this young industry. And, of course, I’m still learning, too. So don’t be surprised when I am so ready to admit that I don’t know.

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Notice: It has come to my attention that at least once I have been impersonated on freelancing sites. Please be aware that, if I am freelancing, the link will be posted above. I am currently not available for freelancing work (unless I know you personally, and then we will talk verbally before making any arrangements.) However, I am very proud of the team I’ve helped build and lead at Principle Studios; if you are interested in working with me, please contact them or let me know that you’re interested in being put in touch!