Many developers have heard of MV-\* design patterns (most commonly MVC), but most don't know the purpose - or most of the alternatives - to this...

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Pure React Components

I recommend to my teams that they use "pure react components" - but, like usual, I've realized that I use the term a bit differently than...

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Automating Deployments with GitHub Actions

When writing my last blog post, I really wanted to share a draft of it (and not just the source code) before publishing. To do that,...

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Remaking DeKrey.NET in Next.js

As previously mentioned, I don't like maintenance. Gatsby was working well for me, so why did I want to change? Wait, was it working well for me?...

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Making Realtime Checkers and Backgammon… with Azure Functions

I enjoy classical games. Simple rules that combine in interesting ways are the definitions of "emergent gameplay" that the games industry strives for in modern games, whether...

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