Making Realtime Checkers and Backgammon… with Azure Functions

I enjoy classical games. Simple rules that combine in interesting ways are the definitions of "emergent gameplay" that the games industry…

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Remaking DeKrey.NET in GatsbyJS

I don't like maintenance. I prefer to make things that can just continue to run on their own and don't require constant fixing or upkeep. As…

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Error Handling and your (REST) API

Designing an API is not an easy thing. You need to make it easy to use. You want to make it provide all the information the consumer(s) need…

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How to apply automated refactorings to a large Git branch tree

Recently, my team decided to implement Prettier on our TypeScript code base. When we started our greenfield project more than a year ago, we…

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A scalable Git branching model

Over my twenty years of development experience and fourteen years managing source code on teams, I've had the opportunity to work with…

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Git: How I use it and Why I don't use GitFlow

As a consultant for the past several years, I've had the opportunity to work on many different types of software projects, including…

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Grammar of Programming

The software industry is always learning, which is one of the reasons why software is both my job and my hobby. Many of us professionals…

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