I’m Matt DeKrey!


/mæt dɪˈkreɪ/


Not available for contracting But Principle Studios is!

A photo of Matt DeKrey, smiling and wearing an aloha-style shirt. The print of the shirt is a pattern with Tux wearing an floral aloha-style shirt.

Doing the Right Thing

Generally speaking, employees want to be good at their jobs. We like to know that the people around us can depend on us to get...

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WebGL Particles

I started out my career in video games, but recently I’ve feeling the pull to play around again. It’s been interesting re-learning so much of...

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AWS Security Basics

I was asked recently what my security recommendations would be for an AWS account. I’m not in infosec personally, so this is definitely not a...

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Many developers have heard of MV-* design patterns (most commonly MVC), but most don’t know the purpose - or most of the alternatives - to...

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Pure React Components

I recommend to my teams that they use “pure react components” - but, like usual, I’ve realized that I use the term a bit differently...

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